Parks, Gardens, Green Spaces

The gardens range from basic, walled oases having fountains and fantastic statuary, to open spaces beyond the city core.


Some beautiful, central spots and green spaces in Prague are made for rest, relaxation and even sport. The gardens leading up to Petrin Hill, the largest of Prague’s parks, are magical on a hot summer’s day. Other beautiful parks worth visit are Stromovka, Letna a Vinohrady Park. Parks are frequented by Frisbee throwers, lovers, and roller skaters.

Riegrovy Sady

The biggest and probably best-known Vinohrady park (Riegrovy sady) is quite a popular local attraction, especially during the summer. One of the Riegrovy sady’s prime attractions is a huge, well-shaded beer garden. Beer is served in real glasses and munchies are available. The beer garden has a large screen showing …

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Star Enclosure (Obora Hvezda)

Not very far from the centre and easy assessable by tram, this is one of Prague’s lesser-known green spaces. Walking through, you are instantly transported to a wooded oasis. Walking straight down from the entrance you’ll run into Letohrádek Hvězda (Star Palace/Castle), a Renaissance star-shaped (hence the name) summer palace …

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Dalejske and Prokopske Valley

Off the beaten track  Set out on a walk through the valley of the Dalejský and Prokopský Stream, which runs between the Prague sections of Řeporyje, Jinonice and Hlubočepy. The nature park offers a wonderful environment, and includes the Butovicke fortified settlement, the remains of Děvín Castle, numerous protected nature …

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Parks and open spaces in Prague

Once you get tired of walking in the bustling city and if you are seeking for some stolen moments from the hustle and bustle, then sneak around the gardens and relaxing parks and seep into some quiet and peaceful moments. The parks are the best to catch some benches and …

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Průhonice Park and Chateau

Průhonice Park offers visitors a wealth of natural beauty. Stretching to the south of Průhonice Chateau in the Botiče Valley, the park features over 1500 indigenous and exotic tree species. Visitors will find numerous quiet retreats, waterfalls, rocks and meadows with wonderful views of the landscape, chateau and 8000 rhododendron …

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Divoka Sarka – Natural Park

A natural park (large green space) is situated just 30 minutes from the city centre. Creeks, rocks in different shapes with water flowing between them, mini waterfalls and even a small canyon unfold their mystical beauty on the huge surface of Divoka Sarka (Sharka the Wild). In the middle of …

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Stromovka (also called Royal Enclosure or The Royal Game Park) covers 95 hectares and is located near the Výstaviště Prague Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice district. It originated during the reign of Přemysl Otakar II, who had it fenced in as a hunting area in 1266. It was destroyed during the …

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Divoka Sarka

The valley of the Šárecký potok is Prague’s very popular nature park, situated just 30 minutes from the city centre. It is named after the legendary warrior Šárka, who is said to have thrown herself off a cliff here. Divoká Šárka is one of Prague’s largest parks where you can …

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Chotek Park

Chotek Gardens were founded in 1833 by Count Karel Chotek, the supreme administrator of the Czech Kingdom. The park stretches east of the Summer Palace, near the Prague Castle. It is Prague’s oldest public park with a lake and many mature trees. This place is very peaceful, usually empty of …

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