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Learn a few words of Czech and impress Praguers!

They will definitely appreciate your efforts. Just say dobry den (hello) or děkuji (thank you) when you meet someone in the pub or you ask someone on the street for directions. 

Praguers are almost all Czechs and foreign representation is quite small

Although some Czechs have a German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian or Vietnamese background, as well as Slovak and Roma minorities, there are significant numbers of expatriates – especially Americans, British, Germans, Spanish and Italians – living and working in Prague. It is estimated that around 50,000 expatriates live in the city. 

Czech racism

The negative side of the Czechs is often vicious racism directed at the Roma minority. There also exists a certain xenophobia on the part of some Czechs towards foreigners, especially if you are of Asian or African origin, although physical threats or any other kind of violence is unheard of. 

On the positive side

On the other hand Praguers are very friendly, polite people, sometimes attached to the old-fashioned values although not forgetting their subtle sense of humour. Some say we are also fairly mild-mannered people.

Praguers and Czech People

Praguers (and the Czechs in general) have a very sensitive, subtle sense of humour which is sometimes hard to recognise. It is a typical Czech characteristic influenced by the cultural tradition of Jaroslav Hašek, Jan Werich, Zdeněk Svěrák, Bolek Polívka and other main personalities of Czech culture. But generally Praguers …

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The Czech Identity

Although everyone is different, regardless of where you go in the world, there are some generalizations that can be made about the Czech people as a whole – although obviously there are a few that really do not conform to this mold! While some of the idiosyncrasies that the Czech …

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Czech’s Perception of Foreigners

When visiting Prague will find that the locals will be extremely interested in where you come from, regardless of whether it is Britain, Spain or Australia. Many of them are extremely knowledgeable about world affairs and will be incredibly interested to hear the opinions of someone from outside the country, …

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Jára Cimrman

The Czech Genius Jára Cimrman In a national poll in 2005, Jára Cimrman was easily voted the “Greatest Czech Ever”. A good example of his insightful wisdom was when he said: “I am such a complete atheist that I am afraid God will punish me.”. So, is Jára Cimrman a …

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Generally the Czech Republic is not a hugely religious country, despite the fact that it is adorned with huge numbers of historic churches and other religious artifacts, and the fact that it is close to a number of heavily Catholic nations. By looking back through the history of the Czech …

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Roma (Gypsies)

Roma (also known as Gypsies) are a minority group (0.3%) with a lineage that extends back to 15th-century India. They suffer neglect and hostility across the Czech Republic due to a lack of acceptance of their generally closed, transient lifestyle. But most importantly, the majority of the Czech population have …

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