Weather and When to Go

Prague has four of seasons. Spring brings flowers and mild temps. Summer is warm and green, with light showers. Autumn can be crisp, cool and sometimes cloudy and foggy. Winter can be very cold with occasional snow.


Although there is no doubt that Prague looks lovely on a bright summer’s day, it is equally charming framed by the copper tints of autumn when the weather in Prague is warm but not hot and when the wind is fresh but not chilling. If you can cope with the cold, hotel space is plentiful in winter and the city looks gorgeous and mysterious under a blanket of snow. Any reason is a good excuse to visit this city and while walking through the streets full of architectural gems you will certainly have the chance to get to know the thousand facets of Prague, each time charming, modern and intriguing but also discreet and quiet. Periods when crowds of tourist are common include Easter and from Christmas to New Year, as well as May (during the Prague Spring Festival), June and September.


Situated at the heart of central Europe in a landlocked country, Prague has a continental climate. This means that winters can be pretty cold and summers correspondingly hot. And so we believe that the best times to visit in terms of the weather are late spring and early autumn. If you’re looking for good weather, April is usually the earliest you can guarantee at least 12C and sunny days, and October is the last warm month before winter.


Tips: Taking a small umbrella is a good idea! Take comfortable shoes as you will do a lot of walking and many streets are cobbled, so it can be tough on your tootsies! Getting around: public transport is heated in the winter and air-conditioned in summer months. 


When it rains: Rain, sleet or snow shouldn’t dampen your mood, as so many cultural offerings are located indoors. And, of course, it never rains in pubs, restaurants and cafés. So grab an umbrella and you’ll find that many of the tourist attractions are wonderfully quiet.


Prague Weather and When to Go

| Temperatures | Weather Averages | Weather by Month | Weather in Winter | Weather in Spring | Weather in Summer | Weather in Autumn | Clothes & Packing | Asthma Warning | Forecast | If you understand the climate in Prague, it will make it much easier for you …

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Weather by Month

January January is actually a great time to visit Prague with a number of events coinciding with the New Year’s holiday.  In addition, it can be cheaper to visit the city during this time thanks to deals on both airfare and hotel rooms.  However, the weather can be very cold …

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Weather averages for Prague

No season is the wrong time to visit this city – a city that will no doubt fully capture your heart. Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Record high °C (°F) 17.4 (63) 18.5 (65) 22.5 (73) 28.6 (83) 32.8 (91) 37.2 (99) …

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Prague’s Winter Weather

Many of the monuments in Prague stay open during the winter but with shorter opening times. Winter days aren’t as long and it becomes dark at about 16:30. Prague’s winters normally last from the middle of November right through to the beginning of March. The winters are cloudy, cold, wet …

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Best time to travel to Prague

Fall and spring-time are regarded as Prague’s peak season. Out of these two, spring-time is the most picturesque. Magnolia trees start to bloom early in April and, if you are lucky and get some sunny days, you will think that you’ve died and gone to heaven. Fall (September to October) …

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Forward planning

Prague is very popular, which means that the streets around the main sights are jam-packed with tourists for much of the year. The best times to visit, in terms of weather, are May and September. The winter months can be very chilly in Prague.   Prague isn’t a city that …

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Rainy Prague

It is no secret that Prague tends to attract some of the more inclement weather, but this is certainly no reason to think that the beauty of the city is affected by this. In fact, many people concur that the beauty of Prague only increases as the weather gets worse, …

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