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Rainy Prague

It is no secret that Prague tends to attract some of the more inclement weather, but this is certainly no reason to think that the city’s beauty is affected by this. In fact, many people concur that the beauty of Prague only increases as the weather gets worse, with the rain and snow providing the perfect backdrop for some real picture postcard scenes. Also, many of the main attractions are located indoors, so you won’t need to spend too long getting cold and wet!

On a rainy day, one of the best choices is visiting one of the many coffee houses in the city – a favourite destination for many of Prague’s citizens. A coffee house will typically have a large selection of different publications for you to browse through, as well as a bustling feel to it – you will always be able to find conversation here! Most people are usually found drinking one type of coffee only, and that is the Turkish Turek. This type of coffee is served in small glasses and is incredibly strong – perfect for picking up the spirits on a rainy day. Of course, there are also more American inspired coffee houses, serving everything from lattes through to mochas.

When it rains, one of the best trips you can take is Josefov, the Jewish Quarter of the city. Also, consider visiting the National Museum, which houses some real treasures and which will keep you interested for hours on end. Also, consider visiting the Prague Castle complex, with its collection of buildings, such as St. Vitus Cathedral.



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