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Roma (Gypsies)

Roma (also known as Gypsies) are a minority group (0.3%) with a lineage that extends back to 15th-century India. They suffer neglect and hostility across the Czech Republic due to a lack of acceptance of their generally closed, transient lifestyle. But most importantly, the majority of the Czech population have prejudice against Roma mainly because of their involvement in petty theft, fraud and unwillingness to work. Most of the Gypsy population living in the Czech Republic lack proper education, and many do not even complete their elementary schooling. Of course it would be wrong to stereotype an entire race, but most locals who bear prejudice about the Roma do so because they have heard stories of Roma crimes again and again on a daily basis. Though some gypsies do have jobs, they mostly do unskilled low-paid work.

The Czech Republic has been criticized by the EU for not addressing the problem of illiteracy, poverty and unemployment among this section of Czech society.

Roma people are also occasionally attacked by skinheads and there have been reports of muggings too.

Czech Gypsies


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  1. Although the article seems to be from 2009, everything stated here is true and actual…..we, here in Romania, have tried everything regarding this minority and nothing seems to work, to be functioning….they do not go to school – work- nor pay any taxes ever. But the resources they need keep increasing every year, from a generally decreasing pool of taxes collected from everyone else. This is the simple, main and only reason we or other nations having them around complain. As the more “developed” French have learned recently …they have failed too in trying to implement viable solutions…..with this I rest my case on whether EU should criticize anybody on the subject.

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