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Ta Fantastika

This is a creative, visual-world place of imagination and the poetry of the magic lantern, which makes up the world of the Ta Fantastika Theatre. These approaches, which mean that the performances are understandable and free of language barriers, make the shows so successful that they are requested throughout the world. For example Aspects of Alice in Wonderland started nine years ago and has run for almost 3,000 performances in 30 countries on three continents. The newest premiere in June 1998 – Gulliver – has the same ambition. Immediately after it began it was requested and performed in many European countries.

Location: Karlova 8, Old Town
Tickets prices: around 700 CZK
Box office: open 11am-9.30pm.

The Ta Fantastika

Black Light Theatre was established in New York in 1981 by Petr Kratochvil. After the Velvet Revolution, the company moved to Prague where it enjoyed immediately success. From 1993 TA FANTASTIKA would continue to perform in UNITARIA Palace in Karlova Street. TA FANTASTIKA was also successful abroad and in the …

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