Czech Buses

Bus services in Prague are provided by several transport operators, chiefly by Dopravní podnik Hlavního města Prahy, a.s. (Prague Transport Company, plc.) followed by Student Agency a.s. Buses in Prague mostly serve as connections between the metro and large housing estates, and tourists visiting Prague readily use them.

International destinations are served by Student Agency, Bohemia Euroexpress International, Eurolines, Capital Express buses and GTS International .

Tickets: Buy a ticket before boarding, and then validate it on entering. Doors open and close automatically; the end of the boarding period is signalled by a high-pitched sound.

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Buses in Prague

City Buses If you’re staying in Prague then you probably won’t be using buses, unless you are staying in some obscure suburbs. Also buses are not allowed in the city centre as they produce noxious fumes and the streets are too narrow, so they transport people from the suburbs to …

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Travel by Bus with Student Agency

If you want to visit some tourist places in the Czech Republic by bus or want to find an alternative international connection to a European destination from Prague, then probably the best solution is the bus company Student Agency. They provide a high level service, which means, that you will …

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