Pubs, Bars, Czech Beer

Pubs are usually open from 11.00 until 23.00; bars stay open later, some until the early morning hours. Prague’s traditional pubs usually serve cheaper beer and some local spirits while modern bars serve a range of Czech and international beers, wine, spirits and cocktails. Czech pubs are not only places for a nice pint of Pilsner; most of them can fill up your belly with a traditional Czech culinary dish too. Czech brewers like Budvar (Budvarka restaurant) and Staropramen (Potrefená Husa) have their own branded pubs. In terms of the quality of ingredients and service these pubs are an excellent place to begin.

Typical Beer Snacks

Cheese platters are quite common, and are composed of slices of eidam, hermelín (camembert) or niva (blue) cheese with a chunk of butter, a dash of paprika, and perhaps a pickle and a basket of rolls or bread.  Also meat platters are popular – slices of ham or various salamis …

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Tavern Brabant

Tavern Brabant (Medieval Tavern, Prague Lesser Town) If you are looking for an evening filled with great entertainment, fantastic food and drink and insight into the history of Prague, it will be hard to find a night that is better than the Historical Medieval Show at the Tavern Brabant. The …

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St. Patrick’s Day in Prague

17th of March Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in a city where, in typical Czech style, they have stretched this festive day into a week of celebrations. On a day when everyone becomes at least a little bit Irish, why not visit one of Prague’s many Irish pubs. Prague has some …

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Prague Beer Museum

If you wish to try some different Czech brews, head straight to the Prague Beer Museum which has 30 regional Czech beers on tap. You can buy 1.5dl glasses of all 30 beers for 360 CZK – not forgetting that they are free if you drink them all in 90 …

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Czech Wines

Czech wine is produced mainly in the Moravia region, the south-eastern part of the Czech Republic. Although it is not as famous as other south-eastern wines like those from France or Spain, Czech wine is known through its representatives like the red wines Frankovka, Vavrinecke and Modry Portugal, and the …

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