Architectural Styles

Prague’s historic centre, which was undamaged in WWII and has avoided large-scale redevelopment, offers excellent architectural sights. The Little Quarter, Old Town and New Town historical districts were given Unesco World Heritage status in 1992, and contain more than 3500 buildings, over 1500 of which are designated cultural monuments.


Signs of the times in Prague

When visiting Prague one of the most noticeable features in residential areas is the amount of colorful and intricate house signs that adorn the different buildings. As signage only began here in 1770, people used to use symbols to mark out their property and this was the precursor to this tradition fund today, with Lesser Town offering a particularly rich array of this. Some of the more remarkable signs can be found at the House of the Three Fiddles, the House of the Two Suns and the House of the Green Lobster, as well as at the Golden Snake and at the Blue Star.

Architectural styles in Prague

The Spires And Domes Of Prague The spires and domes of Prague’s churches are the major land-marks of the city, as views from the numerous vantage points verify. You’ll witness various towers, domes and spires: Neo-Gothic (the churches of St Paul and St Peter) and Gothic (the church of ‘Our …

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Cubist Villas

Czech Cubism was an avant-garde art movement of Czech proponents of Cubism, active mostly in Prague from 1910 to 1914. The most famous peace of Cubist architecture in Prague is no doubt the House of Black Madonna in Celetna, but there are more interesting villas to be found. It’s worth …

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