Travel Basics

Prague’s main attraction is its aspect, its shapes and colours. Its centre is almost an open air museum with 900 years of architecture in very different styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and baroque incredibly combined with the modern architecture.

For the Love of Prague

FOR THE LOVE OF PRAGUE is Gene Deitch’s story – part national history, part memoir, part love story, part a record of national lunacy. However unlikely his account may seem to some outsiders, it is all true, with real names, real people, real incidents….and real insight! It is his personal …

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Prague – The mother of cities

The mother of cities reads the motto on the coat-of-arms of the Capital of the Czech Republic. It was topical in the Middle Ages and the Early New Age, when Prague was the political head and until 1547 also the supreme court instance of the burgher estate, the counterpart of …

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