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One thing that many visitors to the Czech Republic are taken aback by is the amount of prostitution that can be found in the country – a problem that has only been exacerbated by the arrival of a free market economy. This also goes hand in hand with the problem of human trafficking, which is still a very real issue in the country. In the Czech Republic prostitution is not illegal, but unlike other countries there are not even any regulations governing it, such as mandatory health checks.


Prostitution in Prague

Prostitution is a thriving trade here and Prague has, in fact, acquired quite a name across Europe as a centre for sleaze. Although the cost of sexual encounters is more compared with other East European countries like Lithuania, Poland, Romania or Latvia, the beauty of the Czech women appeals to certain sections of the sex tourist market. Particular roads in Prague are effectively miniature red light zones, with whore houses tucked away underneath the pretence of a legal ‘massage parlour’ or sex shop and street hookers are mostly unchallenged by law enforcement. A favourite stomping ground for Prostitutes is Wenceslas Square and the surrounding streets. Co-incidentally, the high-roads entering into Czech from Germany’s borders are main red light areas as well, and it is an interesting spectacle to see: mini-skirted women waiting on the guards rails in broad daylight, making a wage off German men passing the borders for a couple of hours! A new trend has recently formed where the sex trade is gradually moving away from the streets into private flats where sex is offered and Escort Agencies also cover a lot of prostitution.

Price of Sexual Services in Prague


Border Towns – Highway Prostitution

prostitues_cheb.jpgPerhaps the areas where prostitution is most visible is on the roads leading to border towns such as Cheb and Dubi, where scores of women can be seen lining the streets clad in skimpy outfits, even during the cold winters. Although it is a torrid life for these women, the government has done very little to counter the problem.

The main problem for governments is that they will face the wrath of organized crime should they place regulation on the industry. They are also worried about the political ramifications of targeting this area of society, even though they are under immense pressure from international agencies to do so.

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  1. This country confuses me. Why is every girl in the Czech Republic have no Religion, and is willing to accept cash for sex. I was in Europe in 1979-80, so my knowledge is old. We were always told the Czechs were strong people.

  2. As a guy, I like women and sex every bit as much as an addict. But I have my morals. And my own spiritual led conscience. And they tell me that prostitution is just plain wrong. It’s one thing for a man and woman to enjoy sex with one another. But its another for a woman to put a price tag on it. it takes all the glory out of it and demeans it to darkness and filth. That’s why there is a curse upon such things. Spreading of diseases and killing of the spirit.

    When will people wake up and realize there are far more important things in this world? if the lack of prostitution means struggle, then its meant to be. And all for a good reason. That’s what faith and trust are for

    • You are obviously a cherry boy. Prostitutes need money otherwise they would not be prostitutes.
      Not including slavery off course. When you pay, you fill a need, stimulate the economy and receive
      lots of happy moments in return. Unless you are a cherry boy and you feel unfounded remorse after the act. If you are going to feel sorry about it don’t do it, but if you know you are providing a well deserve resource of income to a hooker then go for it and enjoy the ride. Remember hookers around the world will thank you.

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