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St. James Church

Church of St. James (Kostel sv. Jakuba). This attractive baroque church was built in the 14th century as a Minorite monastery church. After a fire in 1689 the church was restored. There are 21 altars decorated with works by Jan Jiří Heinsh, Petr Brandl and Václav Vavřinec Reiner. A tomb of Count Vratislav of Mitrovice is the most beautiful baroque tomb in Bohemia. Worth a look is also the magnificent organ built in 1702. Hanging to the left of the main door is a mummified forearm. It has been there for over 400 years since a thief tried to steal the jewels from the statue of the Virgin. Legend says that the Virgin grabbed his arm and held on so tightly that it had to be cut off. Because of its excellent acoustics many concerts and recitals are given in the church.

Location: Malá Štupartská and Jakubská streets
Open: 9.30am-noon, 2-4pm Mon-Sat; 2-3.45pm Sun.
Admission: free

St. James Church

The St. James Church (also known as Church of St. Jacob) is easy to miss, but inside it is one of the most beautiful churches in Prague. Every nook and cranny is covered with decorations: red, green and black marble inlays, carved angels and paintings. The church was constructed in …

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