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Arriving in Prague by Car

Prague has a reasonably good road infrastructure; nevertheless this doesn’t mean traffic jams or problems with finding a parking place don’t occur. Also break-ins or vehicle thefts are a daily issue but are no worse than in any other European city. The wise thing to do is to leave your car in safe guarded car parks. Parking fees in Prague city centre can be fairly expensive and during peak hours it is hard to find empty spaces. By ignoring parking signs you are risking your car being towed away.

Czech Republic road infrastructure. The total length of roads and highways in the Czech Republic is approaching 55,500 kilometers, of which more than 2,600 kilometers constitute part of the “E” European road network; another 517 kilometers are highways.

Road Distances

Prague to Rome: 1.290 km
Prague to Paris: 1.095 km
Prague to Berlin: 340 km
Prague to Warsaw: 625 km
Prague to Vienna: 290 km
Prague to Amsterdam: 960 km

Did you know? Hitchhiking is not illegal in the Czech Republic, thus making it a choice for budget travellers.

Getting to Prague by Car

The quickest way of taking your car to the Prague from Britain is via the Channel Tunnel (Euro Tunnel). The most direct route from Calais to Prague is via Lille, Brussels, Cologne, Frankfurt and Nuremberg, entering the Czech Republic at the Waidhaus – Rozvadov border crossing – a journey of …

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Highway regulations

Documents All drivers driving on Czech highways must have on them, besides an identity card (usually Czech ID or passport), a valid driver’s license permitting them to drive in a foreign state and technical documents for the automobile . We also recommend that all drivers have a green card. Automobiles …

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