Car Theft in Prague

Car theft is a serious problem in Prague. Although the risk is no higher than in any other western country you still have to take some precautions. How to lower the chances? Don’t leave valuables and possessions visible in the car. If you are driving your own car in Prague, use alarms and steering-wheel locking devices. When possible, park your car at security guarded car parks in Prague. In the case of a road accident or if your car has been stolen you should call the police. Even if the damage is quite small it is highly recommended that the police are contacted for several reasons. You will receive an accident report for your insurance company and they might help you get in touch with motoring organization for emergency breakdowns. Spare parts for your car other than Skoda can be quite expensive but you should have no problem finding them.


Towing and Clamping

Many Prague locals park on the pavement. But ignoring No Parking signs may well mean that you find your car has been towed away or clamped. Both the municipal and the private firms that patrol the city are vigilant and ruthless with illegally parked cars, especially with foreign cars. If your car has disappeared, ring police to find out if it has been towed away or stolen. To reclaim your towed-away car, you have to go to one of the parking lots and pay a hefty fine before the car is released. Wheel clamping is becoming very popular. You have to pay a fine of several hundred crowns at a police station (the ticket on your windscreen will tell you the address) and return to your car to wait for the clamp to be removed.


Towing Car Prague

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