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Prague Useful Links

Here we list a few websites that may help in the research and planning of your trip.

Prague Weather
On-line weather in Prague, Czech Republic – current weather, weather forecast, local climate information.

Prague Info ServicePrague official website providing complete well-arranged information about Prague, Prague monuments and events.

Czech Tourist Authority
The official Travel Site of Czech Tourism.

Foreign Affairs
Site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

A detailed guide of Czech museums and galleries, including contact information, opening hours and entrance fees.

Prague RestaurantsOfficial Prague Restaurant Guide since 1995. Prague restaurant reservation system, easy search, recommendations and Prague restaurants rating.

Places of Interest
Manors, Castles and historical towns in the Czech republic.

Culture in Prague
Bohemia Ticket International providing Prague cultural program and theatre guide, online ticket system.

Train and bus timetables within the Czech Republic, easy and fast transportation search.

Prague public transportation
Prague public transportation timetables, easy and fast transportation search.

Prague Post
The Czech Republic most popular and widely circulated English-language weekly newspaper.

Czech National Bank, Exchange rates.

Czech Search Engine.

Czech Search Engine.

Czech Inspiration Get inspired by what to see in the Czech Republic.

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During the 4-hour walking tour of Prague, you will be introduced to the most interesting and significant historical sites in Prague, such as the Jewish Quarter, the historical buildings of the Old Town and the renowned Charles Bridge, before finishing off at the Prague Castle.