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Cocaine Is Popular in Prague. However, Young People Are More Careful With Drugs

“Drop In” will open a new centre for curing addictions in May 2017 on Tesikova Street in Prague 12. It will be dedicated not only to drug problems but also to alcohol abuse and gambling. “Cocaine is in fashion now; it is used, for example, by managers of big corporations,” says Jiri Presl, director and chief doctor in the centre for prevention and therapy of drug addictions, “Drop In.”

How many active drug users are there currently in the Czech Republic?

“There is no breaking news in the number of drug addicts. It is still a fact that we have approximately 25 thousand problematic users in the Czech Republic. From my point of view, there have not been many dramatic changes. During the last five years, the situation did not worsen, and I would actually say it is slightly better, with the number of high-risk users decreasing. Users of intravenous drugs are getting older, and the new generation does not want to fall to the bottom of life on the streets. Young people are trying to be more cautious.”

Is marijuana still on the top rank?

“If we are talking about all illegal drugs together, then yes, marijuana is in the first place. But in my opinion, it is difficult to compare marijuana abuse with doing hard drugs, and we need to separate these two. Regarding marijuana, we perceive a decrease in interest. When it comes down to hard drugs, crystal meth is traditionally the favourite, and the second rank belongs to opiates. Then there is a category that is not mentioned often because it is not a street drug – cocaine. It is on a big increase now.”

Why cocaine particularly?

“Because it is in fashion. Not among the street drug addicts; it is too expensive for them. It is popular among young people who are well situated and make good money. Among them, you can find managers of big corporations, artists, celebrities, rich youngsters. It can be seen in night clubs, where cocaine is used in restrooms. People start with other drugs usually in adolescence, but with cocaine, mostly after twenty years of age.”

Cocaine used to be very popular in Czechoslovak Republic times.

“The situation was much worse back in these days because cocaine was a semi-legal drug, especially among artists. It also was part of a fashion wave that seems to be returning now. The interest in cocaine will decrease again – it is like that with all drugs. The interest in a particular drug always starts, increases, culminates and decreases again. All of a sudden, it can be seen that while the interest in one drug is decreasing, another drug is becoming popular. It is going round and round.”

Is a drug user recognisable at first glance?

“Is a marijuana smoker recognisable at first glance? No. Would you guess that a young lady, buying an expensive handbag at Parizska Street, is a cocaine user? No. On Wenceslaus Square, you can tell because the junkies are recognizable quickly according to their unkempt, dirty appearance. They differ greatly from other majorities. But in normal cases, you cannot recognize anything, not even if a person is high. Because if he or she is in an optimal state, under an optimal dose, the behaviour is relaxed, and he or she is in a good mood. You can recognize it only in the case of an overdose.”

Legal status of cocaine: Possession of small amount under 1 gram just for personal use is illegal according to Misdemeanour Law(Act no. 200/1990), possession of higher amount, or for other then just own personal use is illegal according to Criminal code.



  1. Amounts considered “Small” in Czech Republic:
    Marijuana: 15 grams (or five plants)
    Hashish: 5 grams
    Magic mushrooms: 40 pieces
    Peyote: 5 plants
    LSD: 5 tablets
    Ecstasy: 4 tablets
    Amphetamine: 2 grams
    Methamphetamine: 2 grams
    Heroin: 1.5 grams
    Coca: 5 plants
    Cocaine: 1 gram
    Law Enforcement
    The 5-0 here are certainly 420 friendly. You can have up to 15 grams of weed or hash on your person, and the most you are going to see is a fine, for maybe 1000CZK (37 Euros, $50 US) and that’s if the man is having a bad day and you’ve done something to piss him off.

    Where to buy marijuana in Prague, Czech Republic
    We are going to go over the same old ground here as other posts on the internet. We advise you to browse the newest comments below this article for recent postings in Prague.

    AVOID the ‘Wenceslas Square’ area. Yes the nice friendly African man mumbling coke, ecstasy, weed, mdma, looks like a trustworthy character, but he is a mafia plant and you will walk away with a bag of fake weed or baby powder for your trouble.
    AVOID asking barmen in the bars. They can lose their job for it. Sure, if you dont have a connect then some of the more popular bars are going to have something. But you are going to have to expect to sit, buy a drink, and make some conversation if you want to find someone. In the bars you are still going to pay premium price as a ‘freshie’ face, 400-500CZK a gram, but as the bars need to keep a reputation and don’t want trouble, their guys will have at least OK stuff. The earlier in the day you go the better the stuff, the dealers know they can make move the dregs of their stock later in the night when people are drunk/high and don’t know the difference”Find out more from PragueParty

    • Well I bought cocoa several times in Wenceslao square from the black guys between 2007 and 2013 during my business trips ad never got ripped off, one guy that became a regular for me at some point would even take me inside the bathrooms of a chinese restaurant (he had some kind of arrangement…) on the square to try&deal. Once on the Mustek side I even got a 9/10 deal with really potent stuff from them (I’m no rookie… ;-)).


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