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Sausage Stalls Ripoffs at Wenceslas Square

When you stroll around Wenceslas Square, you will pass many stalls where you can order a sausage (in Czech párek), and you’ll get it on a plate with a dollop of mustard and a slice of bread. You can also try klobása, a larger, smoked sausage, or párek v rohlíku – a long, skinny hot dog tucked into a bread roll.

Sausage stalls

I do not advise you to buy from the stalls that sell sausages, because these are not hygienic, and also because they will rob you blind if they can. These people that work in the stalls are not originally from the Czech Republic but from the Ukraine, and some might be linked to the mafia. Generally, I found that with Czech people they do sell at the correct price and if they want a tip they will ask first. I kept getting ripped off by the sausage stalls in Wenceslas Square. I had paid on more than one occasion 100 CZK for a sausage that should cost me 30 CZK. I talked to another foreigner who was working in the centre and he said to me that he knew of one English man who was drunk and gave this lady 100 EUR thinking it was 100 CZK. When he realised, he had already walked away. He returned to ask for the money back and they told him he should have checked it. It was too late because they had his money then. Also, if you pay for something that is 50 CZK and you hand them 200 CZK don’t be surprised if they short change you by 100 CZK. If you are going to eat, avoid those stalls – there are a few McDonald’s and KFCs in the area, so try them if you are on a low budget. Fast food restaurants might be slightly more expensive compared to eating hamburgers and sausages from stalls, but are much more safe.

Did you know? There are no reports of severe cases of food poisoning in Prague, but mild cases are more common. For this reason, avoid stands selling food in the street, as the ingredients are exposed to bacteria and may not be cooked thoroughly. Usually, all restaurants in Prague have a high standard of hygiene, equal to the rest of Europe.


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  1. I still think about those Prague sausages and want to go back just to eat one….they were delicious.

    Why would I go eat crappy KFC in another country.

  2. A warning about a scam done by a business in metro station Vysehrad ,near the congress center in Prague.
    Make sure you have coins to buy tickets for the Metro. The alternative option is to buy tickets in the little store at the station.
    They ripped me off and i could do nothing about it ,since they did not give a receipt and i could not use any proof to show police.

  3. Everything changed now in Prague, go to Shorty´s, Malostranske namesti 1, Prague 1. The way to Prague castle, 150m from Charles bridge, they sell American hot dogs, Bratwurst, Currywurst and Laberkase, no chance they cheat you, have tried them and best hot dogs ever they have…..really awesome ones. Have to try when you visit Prague, like best food ever 😀

  4. I’ve been to Prague many times and always have a good laugh at these stands on Wenceslas Square…..I agree, that they will try and dupe you if you are not switched on, but I wouldn’t be handing over silly paper notes anyway, as that can happen anywhere when drunk….I always try and give them the correct amount or a little more and tell them to keep the change….I did have a severe dose of the runs one night mind you immediately after eating one of there sausages…so that kind of put me off!

  5. I was in Prague visiting a friend and his family last year..in January :-). He was working during on my final day so I was left to my own devices and, as my Czech is so poor (I’m still tring to learn it!!) I had a couple of the sausages from these stalls as I didn’t have the confidence to try anywhere else and I dont go to a beautifull city like Prague to eat KFC or MacDonalds! The Klobasa were wonderful and nice and warming in about minus 13!!!. I would just suggest paying for them with small change or the smallest note you have available.
    Im going back there in January with “Him indoors” and son..Ill just tell them to be wary as in any other city.

  6. My husband and I are American and have been to Prague 6 times in as many years and are off soon for our 7th visit. We also have been ripped off by these stands, eg overcharged for things like water which have clearly posted prices. We will definitely keep going there — and find it amusing to politely insist on our change and watch them hand it over as though nothing has happened. Its all part of the experience!

  7. I had the best sausage of my life from 1 of these stalls – Moravian i think.. no ill affects, and the prices are clearly displayed. if you go to a foreign country to eat Big Macs you’re an idiot.

    • in reply to mark. I would say if you go to a foreign country and eat from street stalls you are also an idiot. They are notoriously run by gangsters and god only knows what you are eating. Thank god for the stupid foreigners otherwise the scamsters would be out of luck.

      • These criticisms are complete and utter garbage. The food on these stalls is of good quality and they are well managed. I’ve eaten from them many times and have never, ever been “ripped off”. The vast majority of the huge numbers of tourists who frequent them will say the same.

        • Doug. I am saying the same. Nobody ripped me off and I was not made ill by the food. I also thought the stalls looked well managed and noticed everything was clean. Every time I went to one of the stalls there were plenty of other people eating as well and I never saw anyone arguing over the price.

    • I try to eat a Big Mac in every city I visit around the world for two reasons. First, to gauge the cost of living. The price of a Big Mac is a good judge on how expensive other things will be. Second, I like to see how the taste differs, since they are made differently everywhere.

  8. I agree entirely. I’ve travelled round the world and it’s good to be aware of what the scams are but also not to limit your experiences because you might get ripped off. Embrace the fact that there are some people who will do their best to get as much money off you as possible and join in the game. Don’t let them win. Most people are honest and will be friendly and helpful. It’s up to you.

  9. I had a bad experience at a Subway-like sandwich shop (note: it was NOT actually a Subway) – I bought a sandwich for 120Kc, gave 500Kc to pay. She asked if I had 20Kc in change, I did, so I gave to her – a total of 520Kc.

    She gave me 100Kc change. I said, “Excuse me, I gave you 500.” She said, “No, 200.” We went back and forth a bit until people were staring, and I eventually gave up – she showed me a 200Kc bill and I sheepishly walked away, only to have my local friends tell me that this happens quite frequently – that they know we (foreigners) won’t argue and can’t speak Czech so they short-change us.

    I think a way to avoid this would have been simply saying something out loud to acknowledge that you know very well what you are handing over – if I’d have said, “Do you have change for a 500?” or “Here is 500” out loud, it could have been avoided perhaps. Anyway, just a tip to other travelers – be careful with change for sure.

  10. These stalls are awesome. Please do not listen to some fool who is upset because some goof told him about another drunk fool who willingly may have paid out too much money. The moral of that story should be don’t get drunk nor depend upon others. In the real world, when you hand someone money and walk away, you gave them the money. Geez, if you need to be babysat don’t travel to foreign countries.

    First – I’ve eaten from the stands many times and NEVER gotten sick. Second – just last week, I purchased a sausage, then returned the next day with a Czech friend and we each ordered sausages. Same price per sausage both times. No rip off.

    The prices are clearly written above the stand. If the drunk friend of the friend of the person you were talking to overpaid, he has nobody but himself to blame.

    What a shame it would be to go to Praha and eat McDonalds or KFC when the fantastic sausages that are part of the landscape. If you are just looking to get drunk and eat KFC, why not just stay home

    • Well said CJ – was thinking the same.. why the heck go to Prague to eat KFC? The stands in Wenceslas Square and indeed all over Prague are part of the experience and as with everything and everywhere there will be good and bad experiences by everyone. My own experiences were nothing but positive. Even the fact that my purse was stolen on the underground the last day did not taint my opinion or my experience. My purse could have been stolen anywhere same as in UK and I should have been more alert – there are warning signs to beware of pickpockets but was having such a good time at the time! Prague has stayed with me since my first visit and I can’t wait to go again! (Planning in progress – hence my visit here!)


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