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St Ludmila’s Church

namesti_m_kostel.jpgConstructed from 1888 to 1893, the 2 huge twin towers define its’ architectural design. Whilst this Gothic-styled church’s outside is picturesque, the interior can blow you away.  Its’ walls are adorned in vivid teals, reds and other decorative colours. This church looks over Peace Square and is found at namesti Miru, Prague two. Once it got completed, Prague’s Archbishop, Cardinal Franziskus Schönborn, made the church sacred. A ceremony was conducted to mark the return of the remains of St Wenceslaus and St Ludmila. All of the sixty-metre steeples have 2 bells. The tall stairwell in the entrance goes up to the primary portal. The tympanum displays a tall relief of Jesus with Saints Ludmila and Wenceslaus made by Josef Václav Myslbek alongside monikers of evangelists created by Jan Čapek. Bohemian patron statues, Cyril, Methodius and St Ludmila, St Adalbert and St Procopius, are located in the nave’s gables and aisles at the sides. The church inside provides frescoes with amazing colours, stain-glass windows and diverse topics. The church is part of the Roman Catholic Churches.

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