Lost Property

If your passport or other valuables have been lost or stolen, report the loss to any police station. They should give you a standard crime report form to fill out, which they will stamp and return. Do not expect that the crime will be investigated; this is for insurance purposes only. Once you have a crime report, you can go to the consular department of your embassy and ask for a new passport.


Lost and Found Office

  • Karoliny Svetlé 5, Prague 1, phone 224 235 085
  • Prague Airport, phone 220 114 283


Lost credit cards

The following telephone numbers are useful if you lose your card.

  • American Express, Phone 222 800 222
  • Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard, Phone 272 771 111
  • Diners Club, Phone 267 197 450


Police Stations

Police stations have phone lines open 24 hours a day.

  • Police Headquarters: Jungmannovo náměstí 9, Phone 974 851 750,
  • Bartolomějská 14, Phone 974 851 700
  • Vlašska 3, Phone 974 851 730
  • Benediktska 1, Phone 974 851 710

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  1. I lost my Wallet on 21st Feb in Prague1,I logged the complain in poslice station right on the same day. I am ubable to recollect it from lost and found dept.I am new to this place n lost so many valuable things including money in that.Please help me.

  2. I was for 4 days in Praque and have lost my housekey. Where i don’t know, maybe in the securi check by you.
    I cames the 30.10.2016 with Easy Yet from Bâle and im goin today at midday again with Easy Yet to Bâle.

    Dou you have found a housekey Kaba 8 ?

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    Y. Müller

  3. Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

    I hope that you can help me!
    I am desperate to find a handheld console that I lost on the 23rd of June, so this thursday.
    I last had it in the morning in the ‘Ibis Hotel’ close to I.P. Pavlova station, the hotel said that they did not find it.
    The item that i lost is called a ‘Nintendo 3 DS XL’ and it is white and has a broken part on the right side. It is in a black and pink case with a cartoon character called ‘Princess Peach’ on it, a blonde princess in a pink dress. In the back if the soft case there is a bag that includes the games pokemon omega ruby, pokemon x, pokemon black 2, smash brothers, animal crossing new leaf and the legend of zelda majoras mask.

    There should be an paper with an address on it in the back to Ines Mahmoudi in London.

    I really need your help this console, the games on it and the games in the back are worth around 500€!

    Thank you so much and please reply!

    Jill Niessner

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