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Airberlin Starting to Fly to Prague. Big Time

German airlines AirBerlin will fly to Prague from mid-April 2015. This is not just some random experiment, but full coverage of the Prague-Berlin line from the start. It will provide 20 journeys a week.

Between the Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague and the Tegel Airport in Berlin, AirBerlin will fly on weekdays with a frequency of three times daily, and at weekends will offer two flights. For the Czechs, the new line is not only an easy connection to Berlin, but it also brings considerably easier access to the connecting flights of German airlines.

“For passengers travelling from Prague, AirBerlin provides new options of how to travel to more distant places, such as Abu Dhabi, Chicago or Moscow, or to destinations in northern Europe.”

Increase in Demand Is Expected

“At present, every year about 13,000 passengers travel between Prague and Berlin in one direction. In the first year of operation, we expect AirBerlin to carry about 41,000 passengers between the two cities.”

The airlines will deploy the Saab 2000 aircraft with 50-seat capacity on this line.



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