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Metro extended from Dejvická to Motol

The line is now extended from the station Dejvická via Bořislavka, Veleslavín, Petřiny to the station Motol Hospital. The train will take some eight minutes to drive through the six-kilometre-long stretch. The new section is 6134 metres long. The journey from the underground station Motol Hospital to Můstek will take 15 minutes.

The opening of the new section is accompanied by changes in surface transport. Buses that used to go along Evropská Avenue to Dejvická Station are now terminated at Veleslavín Station, or Bořislavka Station. Among others, the tram line number 2 is cancelled. Some stops will be renamed.

People travelling to the airport will now change trains at Veleslavín Station. However, there are escalators in the lobby only, not to the platform of bus line 119. Passengers with suitcases will be helped upstairs free-of-charge by porters who will work in three shifts daily from 5.00 to 22.00. However, it means reduced comfort for passengers travelling to the airport.

The new section will have longer intervals

In the new subway section the standard intervals of line A will not be maintained. From 9:30 to 20:00 between Dejvická and Motol Hospital, only every second train will go. In the morning peak hours, from 6:00 to 9:30, every second train will be dispatched between stations Petřiny and Motol Hospital.

Intervals in the new section, depending on the time of day, may extend to ten minutes. Somewhat paradoxically, after 20:00 they will be shorter than, for example, in the afternoon peak around 17:00.

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