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Ghosts and Legends Museum

We walk through everyday Prague, around its walls, and we don’t know which stories took place behind them. We walk streets with our eyes on the paving and often don’t see higher than a metre above the ground. The museum can open, at least partly, our eyes, so we can perceive the mystics and magic which belong to Prague’s history.

The Museum Mysteries Pragensis represents a selection of the most famous and most interesting ghosts and legends of the historical city of Prague.

The first part of the museum is a giant book of rumours, its illustrated pages displayed all around the room. Visitors can read it all, or just the selected highlighted passages necessary for understanding the basement part of the exhibition. The underground part consists of a maze of Old Town streets, where the ghosts are. However, the authors didn’t want it to be simply a ghost ride, so there are no shocks from hidden corners. Prague ghosts are poetic and serene, and so should be the museum as well.

The cellarage of the house, which dates back to the early 14th century, represents a real city of ghosts where you can meet them face to face thanks to tastefully built models of streets and quiet corners of Old Prague. The exhibition contents are based entirely on authentic records and legends, not on fairy tales, films, or the organisers’ imagination.

Legends Museum

Location: Mostecka 18 (close to the Charles Bridge); Website.

Getting there: walk the street at the end of Charles Bridge leading to the Lesser Town or take tram 22 to the Malostranské náměstí and walk in the direction to the Charles Bridge.

Admission: 100 CZK, 20% discount with Prague Card.


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