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Khamoro – International Festival of Gipsy Culture

Festival Khamoro is certainly ranked among the most prestigious Roma projects on both a local and an international level. The festival brings in Roma music from all over New and Old Europe and often from further east, such as Kazakhstan and India. There is also cinema, seminars and flamenco dance workshops during the week. The range of styles and musical approaches is wide and varied, everything from Djagno Reinhardt style Gypsy Jazz to the deep emotion and spectacle of Russian Roma groups.

Khamoro, World Roma Festival in Prague

“The International Romani Union appreciates the work of all who took part in the organisation and was pleased to take over the patronage of the festival,” said Emil Ščuka, the President of IRU. For detailed information on concerts, seminars and cinema see the web site www.khamoro.cz

Roma (Gypsies)

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