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Mobile Phones in Prague

Mobile operators in PragueIf you live in Europe, Australia or New Zealand, you can bring your own GMS mobile. The Czech Republic uses the GMS 900 system. Now all networks allow the use of 3G phones. It is recommended, though, that you check with your mobile provider before you leave about using your phone in Prague. If you plan a longer stay, it may be worth buying or renting a phone as calls made via roaming tend to be very expensive (but at least it is much cheaper than it used to be due to EU regulations). There are three major mobile phone operators: O2 (before Eurotel), T-Mobile and Vodafone (previously operating under the name Oskar). Calls made from Czech mobiles to mobiles or landlines cost between 3 CZK to 9 CZK per minute (depending on your tariff). You can buy a prepaid phone from around 1500 CZK (sometimes even cheaper), or you can buy a sim card and use it with your existing mobile phone. Mobiles phones in Prague are ubiquitous, and probably more than 85% of the population use theirs every day, and for those text addicts – you can send a free SMS text message to Eurotel or Vodafone users from their www pages.

If you are coming to Prague from the UK, some operators allow you to use your allowance (your free minutes) even if you are abroad; check this before you fly.

Mobile 4G/5G Internet

You can get connected to the internet via your mobile operator as well, depending on your tariff and roaming access (using 4G or 5G). If you are staying longer, it is worth buying a local sim card and arranging some tariff for mobile broadband. Connection is fast and reliable.

Mobile prepaid internet from T-Mobile

This gives you unlimited access to the internet for 850 CZK monthly. The maximum speed is 0.5MB per sec. No contract is required; buy a prepaid sim card pack called Twist. Then you need to activate this service by sending an SMS text message to 4603 with the text ‘SURF A’. The service can be activated only if a sufficient balance is available.

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