Police Stations

Police stations have phone lines open 24 hours a day; just call 158 from any phone free of charge. State police are responsible for day-to-day safety. They wear white shirts and dark-grey trousers or skirts. They are armed. Municipal police wear light-grey trousers or skirts. Traffic police are responsible for all road and traffic regulations. They may erect roadblocks to check documents. This police force also controls fines for parking and clamping infringements. If you are involved in a traffic accident and there is significant damage or someone gets hurt you must inform the police before moving your vehicle.


Foreign Police Department Prague 

Address: Koněvova 32, Prague 3
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 7:30-18:00 


Foreign Police Department Prague-East

Address: Pražská 180, Zdiby
Opening Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00-17:00


Foreign Police Department Prague-West 

Address: Zborovská 13, Prague 5
Opening Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00-17:00 

Police in Prague

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  1. I am a Canadian who was visiting Prague & renting an Air B&B flat Hlavni mesto Praha. When I departed June 24th for the airport with Uber, somehow my black carry on case was left behind on the sidewalk of this place. A contact of mine in Prague (owner of the flat, Jan Pohl) contacted the Police station & apparently some honest kind soul turned it in. But unfortunately the Police will not release it to him without authorization from me.. the owner. The Police say it will be transferred to Lost & Found Dept. Can someone please reply to me how I can go about retrieving my carry on?? How can it be released to my contact, Jan Pohl? Would much appreciate hearing back on this. Thank you!!

  2. Barbara Fiacchino

    Is there an email address for the Prague police department? I lost my wallet last Tuesday, but did not have time to go to the police station.

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