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Refreshments at Prague Airport

Good Lunch Starting From 100 Crowns!

At Prague Airport, you no longer have to save for snacks before departure. Václav Havel Airport Prague offers a wide range of dining options. You can choose from a wide assortment of different price ranges. And you will get lunch for around 100 crowns!

There will be lovers of world specialities, light meals and traditional Czech dishes, those who want to snack on something small, and those who did not get lunch before going to the airport.

Snack and Airplane

If the passenger at the airport has less time and is looking for something small to eat, he can use various options. One of them is the AeroSnack stand, located in the private area of Terminal 2. Its design reminds you of the aircraft fuselage, and you can buy fresh baguettes or sandwiches at a price of just CZK 69. You can also take everything on board the plane.

Menu for a Hundred

At Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, you can also get a tasty full-fare lunch at a reasonable price. Just visit the Prague Restaurant in the public area of the Terminal 1 arrivals hall or the transit area of the same terminal. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and offers rich breakfast, lunch and evening menus for CZK 95.

At Prague Airport, however, you can find dozens of restaurants with varied offers in different price ranges; at both terminals, you can also buy from menus at up to CZK 100. At the same time, at least one of the restaurants is provided with 24-hour operation at each of them, so passengers can also get a snack when getting a night or early morning flight.

Free Water or for 1 Euro

If you do not want to spend on drinks on a plane while waiting for a drink, use a water drinker with free water on both terminals under the passport and safety check. Slots with water beverages are also installed on both terminals at the cost of around EUR 1.



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