The Cottage Rentals And Outdoor Activities In The Czech Republic

During Communist rule, it would be an understatement to say that Czech people only had restricted options for travelling. Halfway through the twentieth century, ownership of chalupas, or cottages, in the country-side became very popular amongst families.When staying in these cottages, people could speak openly, drink round the camp-fire and do some gardening. This tradition carries on to this day, and it is not uncommon for local people to leave Prague during summer week-ends.

Czechs enjoy spending their spare time outdoors and national past-times include camping, mushroom picking and hiking and, of course, warmer climates bring a raft of weekend travellers to the country-side to service the gardens of their much loved cottages. Owning a week-end cottage is as synonymous with the Czech identity as well brewed Czech beer is. Even the out-door, winter sports, such as skiing, are nation-wide leisure activities. Without a doubt, the Czech Rep’s dramatic scenery of rivers, rolling hills and mountains have played a major part in its’ culture’s obsession with the natural world and has seen the rise of Arcadian folklore and myths.

A great place to rent a cottage is in the area of Beskydy. The low hills here, in the south-eastern area of the country, are renown for their picturesque landscape. It is believed that this is the sole part of the Czech Rep where bear sightings have been made recently.

The Czech Rep is also a great place to go camping. Several different camp site facilities are located all around the country, lots by lakes or rivers. Many camps are operational in April. But some are not open until May and the majority stay operational until October.

The Czech Rep is, additionally, a paradise for walkers, not just because of the enchanting mountains, forests and rivers, but also because of the quantity of chateaux and castles linked by the routes.

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