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Better Than New York. Prague Is Rising in the Ranking of the World´S Best Destinations

If you plan a holiday this year to a destination that travellers from all over the world could envy, go to Prague. Mother of the cities was ranked seventh in this year’s TripAdvisor poll and even improved for two positions over the last year.

Prague ranks on the ladder of touristic megapolises such as Dubai or Tokyo (17th and 18th place), and Prague has also beaten New York, at which back was had looked last year.

Last year’s poll winner, Bali, ranked fourth this year. The winning Paris, on the contrary, climbed to the top from the last year’s third place. London’s silver position last year has been defended. In the poll, among Czech travellers, the popular Greek Crete and the Egyptian Hurghada were successful.

In the survey of the best hotels in the world this January, however, Prague and the whole Czech Republic failed. The most popular hotel globally is Viroth’s Hotel in Cambodia and Maldives or London. The Czech Republic did not come to the top 25. We wrote: Travelers chose the best hotel in the world.

Best Destinations for 2018

  1. Paris (France)
  2. London (United Kingdom)
  3. Rome (Italy)
  4. Bali (Indonesia)
  5. Crete (Greece)
  6. Barcelona (Spain)

7. Prague (Czech Republic)



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