Accommodation in Prague is relatively expensive and good budget accommodation – such as small, family-owned hotels – is lacking. Don’t be surprised to find some hotels dating back from the Communist era but all are with up-to-date facilities. And we wish to remind you it is always best to reserve your room before you arrive in order to avoid overpriced hotel rack rates.



When booking accommodation in Prague, on 99% of occasions (though hostels and camps might be an exception) you will be charged per room, not per person. Some hotels and especially pensions do not recognise a difference between a twin and a double, and you get two twin beds pushed together for a double. Only mid and top hotels will give you clean linen every day, but you can always ask them if you wish to have your linen changed.


Tip: Remember if you find a special deal for a 3 star or 4 star hotel and it claims to be a luxury hotel, check before booking if you don’t want to spoil your romantic break, as hotels might be rated as a 3 star but in fact you will be sleeping backpacker-style!


Staying longer? If you are staying a bit longer a good idea is to book a conveniently located serviced apartment, which is usually cheaper than a 3 star hotel.


Tax: A 15 per cent tax may be added. Ask whether the room rate includes tax before you make a booking.

Where to Stay in Prague

When it comes to planning out a trip to a foreign city, one of the most important aspects is always going to be working out where to stay, and this rings especially true when looking at heading to Prague, the beautiful and lively capital of the Czech Republic. As with …

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Best Locations – Accommodation

What to consider before making your booking. Firstly, there are three things to consider: how long you wish to stay  what price you are willing to pay for your room  and in what kind of accommodation you wish to stay   If you are staying just for a few days …

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Stay at a Five Star Prague Hotel

If you’re visiting Prague, treat yourself to one of the outstanding 5 star hotels that the city offers. The Hotel Le Palais is one of the five store properties in Prague. This beautiful property is a fine example of belle epoch architecture and has been lovingly restored with historical accuracy. …

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Andel’s Hotel Prague

The cool design hotel is part of Andel City, a new commercial centre, which includes a multiplex cinema and a stylish shopping mall. The architects succeeded in an artistic coup of giving the uncompromising modern interior a friendly, relaxed tone. The hotel is based on a design concept embracing innovative …

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Renting a Flat in Prague

Renting a flat in Prague is quite straightforward, with basically two options. The first one is to look for ads in newspapers or on the internet and rent a flat from a private owner, or use a real estate agency which can take some of the hassle out of the …

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Long Stays in Prague

If you decide to stay longer in Prague then it is a good idea to look for a long-term apartment. Look for ads in newspapers ( is largest catalogue of classified listings but only in Czech), contact real estate agencies and special agencies offering serviced apartments for long term rentals. You should …

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Share a Flat in Prague

Long term visitors to Prague should consider sharing flats. This is a wonderful way to enjoy your experience and to be mindful of your budget. is a useful resource for finding these flats. Each month there are hundreds of listings available. The cost for sharing rents in this are …

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Campsites in Prague

Most of campsites in Prague are located close to Trója. Trója has quite good access to a city centre via public transport. Other locations includes: Aritma Dzban, Kotva Branik and Prazacka. Facilities in camps sites are not that great and not suitable for everyone but remain one of the cheapest …

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Hotels in Prague – Introduction

More hotels than streets There are about 300 named streets in the city centre (Prague 1) and more than 320 hotels. There are more and more hotels now where you can stay at reasonable prices (many hotels have dropped their prices), ranging from 1000 CZK per person outside the city …

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