Commercial Inspection Checked the Fraudulent Salesmen at the Prague Airport

In August 2011 the inspectors of the Czech Commercial Inspection (ČOI) came to the Prague Airport at Ruzyně to verify the many complaints from customers. According to the statement on Friday of the ČOI speaker Miloslava Fléglová, their journey was certainly not in vain.

“The main target of the inspection was the car rentals, public food services and sellers offering discounts,” said Fléglová. In four out of six cases the inspectors found the complaints to be justified. In the car rentals, shortcomings were found in both of them. Specifically they failed to inform about the price of the provided services. “The price list of the car rentals did not state the final price for the rental; instead they showed prices without VAT, “said Fléglová. An administrative procedure has been initiated with both car rentals.


Discounts Lower than Promised

“The public catering facility did not serve the declared and ordered volume of the beverage,” informed Fleglová. Also in this case an administrative proceeding will follow due to a violation of the consumer protection laws.

The inspectors calculated that the seller of branded textiles did not provide the declared 60% discount. “The financial difference between the declared and provided discount was between CZK 100 and 150, depending on the product type,” added Fleglová. In this case the seller can expect an administrative procedure and a penalty.

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