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Drug Possession Legalized in the Czech Republic

5 plants of hemp or 15.0 grams of marijuana, 40 pieces of magic mushrooms, 5.0 grams of hashish, 5 LCD laced papers or other materials with LSD, 1.5 grams of heroin, 1.0 grams of cocaine, and 2.0 grams of methamphetamine. That is what you can have legally in your possession from January 01, 2010, in the Czech Republic; the maximum offense for such is now just an infraction.

This is the way of the Czech Republic government to decriminalize the common drug users, who had previously ended up frequently in jails and prisons. The government would rather see the dealers incarcerated; however, the experience from the past was the vice-versa case. The drug possession for own use will be taken more loosely than in the neighboring countries. The Polish police officers are, for example, afraid that the happy Polish youngsters will be using the other side of the bridge in Český Těšín for partying (the city is half in Poland and half in the Czech Republic, with the border crossing the bridge).

Therefore, the visitors of Prague will now find Prague a bit more enticing, like the Netherlands. You will not be able to buy a joint of marijuana in a “coffee shop” like, for example, in Amsterdam, but you will not have to spend time in jail just for partying in a club and having a little joint on you.

Some are now joking that the new law might have paradoxical consequences. Of course, like everything when abused. Imagine a village with 356 inhabitants, and each of them growing 5 plants of marijuana. That would be a large field behind the village. Moreover, the people of the village can jointly punish themselves for infractions at the municipal hall. Each day one of the villagers would get the public service works as punishment, and he/she will be rolling joints for the others.



  1. eventually, some clever solutions have been made; well done Czechs and enjoy; I wish it could be possible in this country; CHEERIOS

  2. Just buy enough for your own consumption. These drugs are legal but with restrictions. The government already allowed legal drugs so don’t push your luck to bring a handful of it.

  3. Drug possession was unfortunately NOT legalized in CZ, possession of mentioned quantities is not a criminal offense, but you can be fined and the drugs will be taken away from ya in case it’s found (not a common thing). naturally, u can’t get anything in a legal way, opening of a licensed LSD outlet is no more than a sweet fairytale. still long way to go… fu*k the system!

  4. I am rapidly approaching middle age and I have never tried psychedelic drugs because I was always waiting for the right time. I am ready now and I am interested in LSD in particular. LSD was legal worldwide before 1966 and had been handled professionally by ‘guides’ like Hoffman and Osmond for many years until morons like Kesey and Leary messed everything up. I want to have that kind of mature experience with good quality substances in a friendly place, set and setting. Are the Czech authorities going to tell us where to get the quality produce and give advice on a healthy psychedelic experience? I am happy to pay the VAT on the LSD I buy, I am happy not to be irresponsible with it nor push anyone onto it. I would be happy to go to a licensed LSD outlet and pay an entrance fee and take it there and even give my report at the end for research purposes. All of this would be better than seeing Czech fall into a pit of street acid, criminality and ‘bad trips’. Just tell me where to go. If there is nowhere yet for people to go, may I open a licensed LSD outlet in Czech please?

    • Dude you are a bit of an idiot. Why the hell would a policeman tell you where to get lsd from didn’t you read the article?!?! I honestly don’t think that you should be taking acid as you appear to have no clue about.

    • If your looking to try a psychedelic Holland is an excellent choice. Psilocybin fungii (called truffles) are openly sold at smort shops with staff ready to give advice for the trip. Pretty sure LSD isn’t sold, but it is legal to use.


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