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Getting Married in Prague

Maybe you have fantasized about your wedding day right from being a child.  Or perhaps you want to be done with it as soon as you can be.  However, whichever type of groom or bride you want to be, you will be in great company in Prague, a trendy wedding destination with couples from overseas who wish to have a different type of experience on their special day.

Prague is used to hosting romantic and glitzy vow-renewal ceremonies, organised elopements and destination weddings.

Outdoor weddings, religious ceremonies and making vows in a castle can be organised within the city or in the near surrounding areas.  The plethora of services and venues offered at affordable prices make Prague a great location to get married even without the ever-present Baroque church bells on each magical street.

The three most visited areas of Prague for tying the knot are the New Town Hall, the Church of St Nicholas and The Old Town Hall.  Both of the town halls provide couples with the opportunity to wed in a historical Gothic location, whereas the Baroque sleekness of St Nicholas’s will certainly amaze the attendants.  In other venues, however, the historical structures of Prague provide unrivalled picture taking opportunities.

Visualize a wedding picture on the Charles Bridge with a backdrop of Prague Castle or a picture taken at the entrance of an eighteenth-century Gothic cháteau or church.

However, Prague’s wedding planners can assist with much more than just booking a venue.

They are also able to find your accommodation, locate the right place for a wedding reception, arrange a horse-drawn cart ride and romantic boat journey for yourself and your party, get the cake delivered, book the photographer and, maybe most significantly, assist with all the necessary formalities.

While weddings carried out in the Czech Republic are legally valid overseas, there is, unfortunately, still a great deal of admin and bureaucracy involved that is best dealt with by an expert based locally. There are few things worse than expending all your energy, money and time only then to get back home and find out you have to go through it once more…For richer or for poorer, weddings are a big industry in Prague.




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