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Prague Discount Cards

You can buy a special tourist card for visitors called a Matilda card (Prague Card) which provides entry to most major attractions for significantly reduced rates plus a city transport pass for a fixed price of 790 CZK for adults and 530 CZK for children and students. This card is valid for 2 days.  You can buy both this card at PIS tourist information offices and other tourists spots. If you are planning to see some tourist attractions and use public transport, this card is good value for money.

Prague Card

Card issuer: Prague Card (read more)
Card name: Prague Card (TM) (also known as Matilda Card)
Validity: 2 to 4 Days
Cost: from 790 CZK (530 CZK for students and children).
Discounts: Pass provides free entry to Prague Castle, heavily discounted or free entry to all the city’s major museums and historic buildings. The public travel pass is not included but can be ordered if you pay extra, depending on the duration you want.


The project was terminated and replaced by www.litacka.cz

The OPENCARD allows you to park in the areas of Prague 1,2,3, and 7 (providing you have purchased credits previously), as well as use the municipal libraries and, perhaps most importantly, use the public transport system. Getting hold of one is pretty easy, just as long as you are already acquainted with the bureaucracy of the Czech Republic.

The OPENCARD also allows access to the Portal of Prague website (www.praha.eu), where you can access records such as your driving record. When it comes to using the OPENCARD for public transport, you can buy 30 days, 90 days and one year passes.

The card itself will contain your photo and your full name. Your date of birth will also be embedded within the chip of the card. When you get an OPENCARD, you will also receive a PIN number, which you will have to use to access the Portal of Prague website. It is important to report when your OPENCARD is lost or stolen to be blocked. When the card has been blocked, a device used by ticket-checkers will show this. Should you lose or damage your card, you will be charged a fee of 200 CZK for a replacement.

The OPENCARD was not initially popular with the Czech public due to the fact that it was thought to have cost far too much money to implement – money that didn’t justify the benefits the card would bring. Residents of Prague are now warming to the idea, though, and it is becoming more and more popular.

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