In 2011 Prague Airport Checked in 11.8 Million Passengers

In 2011 a total of 11,788,629 passengers passed through Prague Airport in Ruzyne, which represented an increase of two percent compared with the previous year, according to the operational results which were published by the company on Thursday.

Prague Airport achieved this result in spite of the fact that its largest trading partner, Czech Airlines (ČSA), underwent a restructuring process, and at the same time interest in charter transport has also decreased slightly. Aircraft are more occupied because the increase in passengers compared with the previous year occurred even in spite of a decrease in movements by 3.4 percent.

Positive trends of the year of 2011 included a marked increase in the number of passengers of the network transporters, with the exception of ČSA, compared with the previous year, and a slight increase in the number of passengers using the services of low cost airlines. Also the structure of passengers changed; the proportion of the so-called point-to-point passenger segments increased markedly, while in contrast the proportion of transfer passengers decreased.

The strongest month in terms of traffic was July, with 1,324,531 passengers. The highest number of people a day, i.e. 49,169 passengers, was checked in by Prague Airport on 1 July. 32,298 passengers
a day on average passed through the airport.

In the course of 2011 there were 49 transporters flying on regular lines from Prague to 132 destinations in total.

In 2011 regular transport accounted for 88.7 percent of the total volume of transport. 66.4 percent of passengers in total flew with network airlines, 22.2 percent flew with low cost transporters, and 11.2 percent with charter companies.

The top five largest transporters were: Czech Airlines + Holidays Czech Airlines (38 %), Travel Service + SmartWings (13 %), Lufthansa and EasyJet (6 % each), and Wizz Air (5 %).

Most passengers headed to destinations within Europe (91.1 %), then to Africa (3.8 %) and to the Near East countries (2.3 %).

It is clear from regular surveys prepared for Prague Airport by the agency STEM/Mark that the interest of the Czechs in air transport from Prague increased by 2.6 percent compared with the previous year (the total portion of Czechs was 33 %). After Czechs, Prague Ruzyne Airport was used most frequently by Russians (11.2 %), followed by French (5.4 %), Americans (4.2 %), and British (4 %).

Women fly from Prague more frequently, with a proportion of 53.5 percent. One third of passengers are peoples in the age group 25-34, and a quarter are aged 35-44. It is interesting that an entire fifth of passengers fly from Prague 3-5 times a year, with 72 percent of people using air transport for private reasons and the others for business trips.

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