Maltese Square

The Knights of Malta once lived in this part of the Little Quarter where they had a monastery since 1169. And till now the square still bears their name. It is dominated by the 12th-century Church of Our Lady beneath the Chain with mighty Gothic towers and such beautiful Baroque palaces as the Nostitz with its balustrade, statues and Classical vases. The attractive pink Rococo Turba was designed by Joseph Jager. Now square is mainly lined with mellow cafés and pubs.

In Czech: Maltézské náměstí

maltezske namesti

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  1. I have just nice things to say about your words and gorgeous pictures of Lesser Town, which is always my universe when I come to Prague from Montreal for visit
    Coffee at Starbucks right there on the other side of St Michael church, nice light cigarette from near by kiosk and I am in heaven and my vacation just started – welcome to Prague-Praha

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