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Little Quarter (Lesser Town)

The Lesser Quarter (Mala Strana or The Little Quarter). The origins of this picturesque district, located beneath Prague Castle, date back to the mid-13th century. After the foundation of the town, the original settlers were replaced by colonists of mostly foreign nationalities. Charles IV extended the minor town of Prague with other plots of land but the town remained – thanks to several great fires as well as other events – more backward in respect of its economy than, and politically dependent on, the towns on the right bank of the Vltava. From the 16th century, feudalists and church elders, who gave this part of the city its present appearance – and not only an architectural one – gradually started to settle here. This quarter is just beneath the castle and is distinguished by the green of its gardens and orchards. The area is full of splendid palaces built by leading noble families and aristocrats. The Lesser Quarter Square is dominated by St. Nicholas Church, an example of the baroque style. Steep Nerudova Street leads to Prague Castle.


Parks and Gardens:

  • Vrtba Garden
  • Vojan Park
  • Ledebour Garden

Petrin Hill:


  • Kampa Museum of Modern Art
  • Museum of Music


Restaurants and Beer Halls:

Historic Streets and Squares:

  • Italian Street
  • Grand Priory Square
  • Bridge Street

Bridges and Islands:


  • Michna Palace

Lesser Town Square

This square lies at the heart of Lesser Town. Most buildings around the square have a medieval core, but all were redesigned in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and are a bit overshadowed by the busy tram intersection here. At the centre of the square is the magnificent Baroque St …

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Old Town Bridge Tower

The smaller tower, a Romanesque structure, dates back to the 12th century, while its current Renaissance shape is from 1591. The higher tower is from 1464 and its late Gothic architecture draws upon the Parléř’s Old Town Bridge Tower. The gate between the towers was constructed in the early 15th …

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Maltese Square

The Knights of Malta once lived in this part of the Little Quarter where they had a monastery since 1169. And till now the square still bears their name. It is dominated by the 12th-century Church of Our Lady beneath the Chain with mighty Gothic towers and such beautiful Baroque …

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