New World (Novy Svet)

North of Lorentanske Square, right behind Prague Castle, lies New World (Nový Svět). It is a country lane of quaint cottages dating back to the mid-14th century but most were rebuilt in the 17th century. At that time residents, in their fight against poverty, chose golden house signs for their homes – such as Golden Pear, Grape or Acorn. It is a very charming narrow street, which has attracted many artists and romantic souls for more than three centuries. This street is great for a romantic stroll especially on summer days. This street is connected with a few famous people who lived there. 

U zlateho noha (At the Golden Griffin, No 1) – famous astronomers Tycho de Brahe and Johannes Kepler once lived in this house.

U zlaté hrušky (At the Golden Pear, No 3) – delicious and romantic restaurant;

At the Golden Plough (No.25) – Frantisek Ondricek, Czech violinist was born in this house.

Prague New World - Novy Svet

New World (Novy Svet)

Location: Nový Svět, Hradčany

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