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Praguers car ownership is most discouraged due to parking problems

Parking is a nightmare for 70% of Prague drivers. Parking, as well as the high cost of operation, are the most important barriers to car ownership, according to Anytime’s survey.

More than a third of Prague drivers are overpaying to travel around Prague in their own car. This opens up space for shared cars, bicycles and scooters, which have become a real alternative to transportation throughout the capital.

These findings were brought to you by STEM/MARK’s survey for the Anytime carsharing company, which has investigated Prague’s attitudes towards new types of urban transportation.

Six percent of Prague drivers have already used carsharing

“37% of Prague drivers who responded to the survey came to a clear conclusion: it is not worth traveling throughout Prague in their own car. Therefore, they use the car exclusively or mainly for trips outside of Prague,” says Milan Beutl, director of Anytime, which has provided carsharing services in Prague from April 2019.

Carsharing, i.e. the use of a shared vehicle, is being promoted as a new alternative to city transportation – to public transport, car ownership or taxi. According to a survey, 6% of Prague residents have tried to share a car and an additional 24% are considering doing so. Bicycle or scooter-sharing services have already been used by 19% of respondents, and an additional 9% are planning to use them.

The people surveyed on shared transportation options are most impressed by the fact that they only pay for what they actually travel (48%). In addition, the biggest benefit for shared cars is the possibility of free parking in blue and purple zones in all city districts throughout Prague (38%).

The carsharing pros also include savings for buying your own car (33%) and not having to service a car (31%). Potential customers expect carsharing to only charge for the time they use the car (48%). “That’s why we charge in a simple way in minutes without any additional charges,” says Milan Beutl.

On the other hand, the risk of damage to a foreign vehicle (30%) and its reliability (30%) is the biggest concern among respondents. Therefore, Anytime also offers the Safety tariff with a reduced maximum deductible of CZK 4,999 and its fleet is made up of the new hybrid Yaris, one of the most reliable brands on the market.

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