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Prague’s Carsharing Is on the Rise

Italian Anytime Is Coming; Regiojet Is About to Share Cars

Several major car-sharing projects have started in the Czech Republic in recent weeks. Both Radim Jančura, an entrepreneur, as well as Prague City Hall embarked on the project. At the same time, one of the largest carsharing companies, Italian Anytime, entered the country.

Anytime is one of the largest car-sharing providers in the world and the first multinational player to come to the Czech Republic. It plans to invest up to 30 million euros in the coming years in the Czech Republic, i.e. over three-quarters of a billion crowns.

The company started operating in Prague as of last week. It has been allowing users to register through a mobile application and will offer carsharing within a month. Prices start at 1.99 crowns per minute of using a vehicle, with no other user fees. The service includes petrol, car wash, and car insurance. It also includes free parking in blue and purple zones. Payment will be made automatically from the submitted credit card upon the termination of the rental. Anytime started to provide car rental services in 2012. It currently operates more than eight thousand cars in 14 cities in four countries.

Radim Jančuras´ RegioJet chose to carshare as part of its portfolio. Passengers who get on or off the bus or train of the RegioJet carrier in Prague or Brno will be able to use their Car4Way car on a discounted basis. The RegioJet customer can arrange the car directly in the bus and rail reservation system. Instead of a thousand crowns, one will pay a crown for registration and will have the first hour for free.

In the Czech Republic, Car4Way, Autonapůl, and Ajo.cz are involved in carsharing with their own fleets. There are over 700 shared cars in the Czech Republic. There is also carsharing between Uniqway students and the happy go project, allowing private cars to be shared.

Despite the great marketing promotion, interest in carsharing in Prague is not so great. However, in the future, interest in car sharing is expected to grow and shared Rekola bikes. Shared electric scooters from Lime arrived in the city half a year ago, and nowadays, the bike-sharing company Homeport, with 500 free bikes, has entered Prague, enjoying good popularity.

How Anytime Works and How Much Are You Going to Pay

Rental cars can be rented for minutes and days as needed. A user pays 5 crowns during the day or only 2 crowns during the night for a rental minute. The daily rate is then CZK 1,299. If the user is interested, one can pay extra for better insurance with less deductible in case of damage. But nothing else is true. The service includes petrol, car wash, and car insurance. The benefit of the service is the possibility of free parking in the blue and purple zones. Payment will be made automatically from the submitted credit card upon the termination of the lease. After the registration is approved, the customer can select the nearest Anytime car and book it via the mobile application. The application will find the nearest car and create a route to it. The client will then have 20 minutes to get to the booked car. Then, just use the application to open the car and start.



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