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Search on the Czech Internet

If you are looking for something in Prague, we recommend you use some of Czech’s Search Engines. Two mostly used by Czech’ are – www.seznam.cz and www.centrum.czGoogle.cz is relatively very young in the Czech Republic. Czechs used to always use the SEZANAM portal for some strange reasons, even if its algorithms are very low compare to the almighty Google 🙂 But day by day, it is going to change.

Czech Internet Search Engines

Who use Google.cz and who use Seznam.cz?

Mostly younger people with higher education and especially the ones in the IT sector using Google. People with lower education and lower IT knowledge prefer Seznam.cz, or they are not aware of the existence of Google. When it comes to percentage, a slightly higher percentage of people in the Czech Republic use the Seznam portal compared to Google.

If you still are struggling to find something, it is really important for you to try to contact us so we might find it for you. As this is a free service, we do not guarantee a response. Please make sure it is really something important, and you are unable to find it in described ways.

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