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Bike-Sharing in Prague

Would you like to try an alternative means of transport in Prague? You can take advantage of the bike-sharing system and enjoy the city while riding a bike or a scooter.

Bike-sharing is becoming more and more popular in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic, with the number of borrowings growing every year.

How Bike-Sharing Works

You select your preferred operator and download the app to your mobile phone. The app will show free bikes in your area using GPS. When the unlock code is received, the bicycle is available. After riding, you put the bike in a suitable place.

Available Bike-Sharing Operators in Prague


Since April 2019, Czech company Homeport has offered in Prague dockless electric bike-sharing of the fifth generation. Their fleet includes more than 500 electric bikes throughout Prague districts 1 to 8.

They offer a per-minute tariff that starts at 2 CZK, subscriptions for 31 days (for 299 CZK), and 365 days (for 1799 CZK).

How can you start riding? Download and install the Freebike app on your phone. Choose a tariff, register and get your login and PIN immediately to log in to the app. You’ll rent a bike in a matter of seconds, and off you go!


Since October 2018, the American bike-sharing company Lime has offered a fleet of a few hundred electric scooters in Prague. Prague districts 1-10 are covered, except Prague 2.

To start riding, you need to download the Lime app, view the nearby scooters, scan the QR code to unlock and lock up safely when finished.

You pay 25 CZK to unlock and then 2 CZK per minute.


Rekola is a bike-sharing company that offers its service in Prague and seven other Czech cities. In Prague, they have a fleet of more than 500 pink-coloured bikes. Since 2018 they have also offered skateboard and scooter sharing services in Prague.

How can you rent their bike? It would be best if you had a smartphone to download the Rekola app. Then you scan the QR code on the bike’s basket to get an unlock code. After you unlock the bike, you can ride.

You can choose either a single ride (for 24 CZK / 30 minutes) or a monthly subscription (for 195 CZK).

Please note that most operators do not offer their service in winter.



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