Hunting For Mushrooms

Hunting for mushrooms is generally deemed to be the pastime of the nation in the Czech Rep, with 70% of its’ citizens engaging in this activity. Once mushrooms sprout in forests, people venture out with a wicker basket to collect them—and these mushrooms are not just normal mushrooms.  The mushroom season runs from the month of July through to November. Novices should obtain the assistance of an experienced mushroom picker or a reference book; they’re a big quantity of mushrooms in the Czech Rep that are edible, but there’s also many poisonous types. Czechs have a keen eye for fungus and can quickly consume these beautiful foods in a manner that provokes images of Alice-in-Wonderland. The mushrooms are then transported back home where they’re dried out and fried into viscous soups. The most frequented picking grounds in Prague are: bailee forest, Obora Hvězda and Kunratice forest.


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