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Punto Praha Music Club


This quite nice club with a ten-year history is located on the left side of the river between Smichov and Lesser Town district. The club acts in the Prague electronic scene as a place for alternative DJs and experimental live acts. You could find a black-dressed man behind decks playing some alien or industrial music from drum-machines, groove-boxes, samplers or computers; sometimes you’ll fall into a thoughtful mood because of trip-hop sounding out the whole night. But the main style is breakbeat, down-tempo, all forms of jungle music and abstract hip-hop. The club is famous for its living room atmosphere – DJ decks are in the corner opposite the bar, the bar is round, and between those two places are tables with sofas and seats. And yes, there is a second room with flipper, deck soccer and so on, where you can chill out with other places to sit and a lower volume of sound production. Despite the name, there’s nothing Spanish about the place.

The prices at the bar match the location of the club, and the beer is Staropramen. The club releases a compilation of tracks made by artists who play there occasionally, which you can download at the club’s web pages. There is a screen projection every Sunday.

Address: Kroftova 1, Prague 5

Admission: free or 50 CZK

Opening time: daily from 7 pm-2 am


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