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Tips for Students in Prague

If you are a student and coming just for a trip or for study you should take your ISIC card with you. You can obtain discounts at a large range of places including museums (50%), transport (trains, public transport passes, buses, etc.), theatres, cinemas and restaurants where the ISIC card is welcomed. Believe it or not it will save you a lot of money. There are three main travel agents specialising in travel for students and independent travellers: Student Agency (15% off bus travel), GTS and CKM. All offer huge discounts for ISCI card holders. If you apply in the Czech Republic for ISIC card, the cost range from 200-400 CZK depending on the amount of insurance offered.

  • If you are a party person you should definitely try some student clubs. Usually they offer superb value for drinks and great fun is always guaranteed.
  • If you are staying longer you might find interesting that mobile phone operators offers a special tariff for students.
  • For discounted train tickets, the Wasteels student travel agency on the second floor of Main train station accepts ISIC cards. You can also get significant savings on frequent train travel in the Czech Republic by purchasing an In-Karta card (www.inkarta.cz).


Discounts for cultural events (for ISIC and IYTC holders):

• National Museum: 50% off entry
• National Theater: 50% off tickets
• Military Museum: Free entry
• Museum of Communism: 22% off entry
• Old Town Hall: 50% off entry
• Prague Estates Theater: 50% off entry
• Rudolfinum Gallery: 50% off entry
• Theater Na Zábradlí: 100 – 120 CZK for tickets
• Theater Bez Zábradlí: 50% off tickets



The school year. The school year starts on September 1st and finishes on June 30th. Summer school holidays are in summer (July, August). Winter break is during the Christmas period (around two weeks). Spring Break varies from region to region, but is commonly a week between February and March. Please note: Public transport schedules change during school break.

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