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How to stay safe in Prague

Despite the fact that crime rates in Prague are comparatively low, this is a big city, and travellers should exercise the common precautions.


1) Pick-pocketing is really the worst danger. We recommend you keep valuables in a hotel safe. Do not take large amounts of cash with you as you can always use cash machines which are on every corner. Be careful in touristy areas, like Charles Bridge, Karlova St. on Old Town Square, on trams 22 and 23, on the metro during peak hours and in busy stores.


2) ‘Unsafe’ Locations – Wenceslas Square at night can be risky if you get close to prostitutes or even drug dealers who operate there. Some foreigners have been robbed of all their money. The final locations to avoid are Prague’s main train station at night and the nearby park.

Other concerns which might spoil your romantic feel of the city are stag parties comprised of rowdy beer-addled lads which can appear anywhere around city centre, especially at night.


3) Taking a taxi is another problem. Always call a reputable company in order to avoid been overcharged.


Natural Hazards in the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is in a zone where earthquakes are virtually unknown and tornadoes are very rare. The only natural disaster which appears in the Czech Republic is local flooding. Concerning natural hazards, it is one of the very safe countries.


Thieves operates in the crowded and touristy locations, mostly in teams. Tourists, especially foreigners are an easy target for pickpockets in Prague. Be careful when visiting tourist-packed places such as Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and Wenceslas Square. Pickpockets usually work in teams and possess an arsenal of expert techniques …

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Ripped Off by Prague Taxis

In every single large city in the world, stories emanate about unsuspecting tourists being conned by unscrupulous taxi drivers, keen to exploit their lack of knowledge when it comes to local pricing and there lack of comfort in a foreign land. Unfortunately Prague is a city that is not exempt …

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Legal Matters

You should always carry with you some form of identification. If you do not and the police ask to see proof, they can detain you for up to 72hours. If for any reason you are arrested, you have the right to call your embassy or your lawyer and get a …

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Czech Drug Laws

Prague’s liberal laws and liberal policies mean that the city has earned a reputation of being pot-friendly, and it is estimated that nearly half million marijuana users are largely ignored by the authorities and tolerated by almost everyone. Most pubs and non-tourist bars outside of the centre allow you to …

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How Much do Narcotics in Prague Cost

It is no secret that in the centre of Prague illegal drugs are sold in many places. Syringes lie in parks and children’s playgrounds, sometimes secret drug production labs are discovered, and the police catch dealers who offer drugs even to children. On average the Prague police solve 500 to …

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Safety in Prague

Prague is quite a safe city where violent crime is rare, though petty crime is quite a bit of a problem. So for visitors pick-pocketing and car theft are the worst dangers. To avoid an unpleasant experience we advice you watch your bag in tourist areas, and on the metro …

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Beware of Pickpockets in Prague

Prague is the Third Greatest Centre of Pickpockets in the World Only Barcelona and Rome have more pickpockets than Prague, according to a survey made by one of the world’s largest travel servers,, among its users in 2009. Since then the number of victims has dropped slightly, yet the …

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Public Drinking

The Prague City drinking ban is aimed at the general public, not just stag parties, but anybody who knows Prague will tell you they’ll be the ones most likely to be stopped by police. The real question is to what extent Czech police enforce this … until now police have …

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