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Prague Nightlife

Visitors to Prague will have many options when looking to go clubbing till the early morning hours. The nightlife scene can’t quite match London and other big cities, but that can be a good thing in terms of price and lesser crowds.

Cocktail Bars

There are many sophisticated cocktail bars in the centre of Prague. Tretter’s bar near Old Town Square has a classic atmosphere with friendly bar staff. Also in the area are Zapa Bar and Bugsy’s, which are very good choices too. Behind the Tyn Church on Old Town Square, there is Tynska Bar and Books. Zanzibar in Lesser Town is a good choice if you wish to visit some of Prague’s VIP bars; high prices and standards are guaranteed.


There are some ‘real’ discos in Prague. Radost FX is a very good club with long-lasting popularity, situated close to IP Pavlova station. This club has many visiting star DJs for the dance floor downstairs. Upstairs, it is a lounge and vegetarian restaurant. Roxy is the best club in town, located close to Namesti Republiky station if you like funk and techno. Karlovy Lazne is a mega-club near the Charles Bridge, with four different dance floors on different levels, each floor dedicated to a different music genre. This club is very popular, especially amongst tourists. Duplex on Wenceslas Square is another disco popular with foreign teenagers and even stag-party stragglers. La Fabrique has a couple of dance floors near Wenceslas Square, making it another good centrally located option. If you want to feel more Czech atmosphere, try the club Meloun, which is also near Wenceslas Square and is mostly popular with locals. Lucerna Music Club on Wenceslas Square is a fairly large club, and it regularly fills. Another favourite of young people is M1 Secret Lounge on Masna, near Old Town Square. The crowd is generally a mix of well-off young Czechs and ex-pat students.

Blues and Jazz

For blues and/or jazz, some good performances can be caught at U Maleho Glena, near Old Town Square. The performance area is very small, with just a few tables. You might want to check the performance schedule on the internet and book ahead if you can. The same goes for Ungelt Jazz and Blues club, behind the Tyn Church. Reduta Jazz Club situated on Narodni Trida 20, is one of the oldest jazz clubs in Prague.

Tasting Czech Beer

The Czech Republic is also very famous for its beer. Pilsner Urquell and Budvar are the best-known brands. So if you want something exceptional, try going to Kolkovna, near Old Town Square, which is popular amongst expats. This restaurant serves fresh unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell on tap, which is a very tasty brew. The food and Czech cuisine are a little more expensive than a local-oriented pub, but many find it worth visiting. But be warned, the large restaurant is often full.  Other recommended places for hanging out and drinking great beer with your food are Pivovarsky Dum on Jecna, not far from Wenceslas Square, U Vejvodu near Narodni Trida, and the historic brewery, U Fleku, near Charles Square.

Adult Clubs

The side streets near Wenceslas Square (especially Perlova Street) are full of strip clubs. This is Prague’s small red-light district. Pickpockets can be a problem in this area at night (often employing women who run up to groups of men asking for a hug, etc., to divert attention from pickpockets).

Prague Nightlife



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