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Prague Superlatives

• The oldest meteorological observatory: Klementinum (meteorological observations since 1752)

• The oldest preserved fountain: the singing fountain (1568) in the Royal Garden

• The oldest rotunda: St. Martin’s in Vyšehrad (11th century)

• The oldest bridge: Charles Bridge (1357)

• The oldest railway station: Masaryk (1845)

• The oldest hospital: Na Františku (1354)

• The oldest brewery: U Fleků (founded in 1499)

• The oldest café: Slávia (opened in 1881)

• The oldest pipe organ: Church of Our Lady before Tyn (1673)

• The longest bridge: Negrelli Viaduct (1 110 m)

• The longest street: Strakonická (15.5 km)

• The longest stretch of underground/subway between stations: 2,749 m (Holešovice Station – Kobylisy, line C)

• The deepest underground/subway station: Náměstí míru (53 m deep)

• The shortest street: Jiřího Červeného, at Kampa (measures 27 m)

• The lowest point: 172 m above sea level (at the place where the Vltava leaves the borders of Prague — on the riverbed)

• The biggest square in Prague and the Czech Republic: Karlovo náměstí (80,500 m2)

• The biggest swimming pool: Podolský Swimming Stadium

• The biggest stadium: Strahov Stadium (area 310.5 x 202.5 m)

• The biggest bell: Zikmund (St. Vitus Cathedral, diameter 256 cm, height 203 cm, 16,500 kg)

• The highest bridge: Nuselský Bridge (length 485 m, width 26 m, height 40 m)

• The highest building: the former Czech Radio building in Pankrác (height 109 m, 30 floors)

• The highest point: 399 m above sea-level, Teleček hill, Prague 5)

• The highest construction: Žižkov Television Tower (216 m)

Prague TV Tower



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