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The River Vltava splits this wonderful city into two halves while Charles Bridge links them together. Prague Castle and the Little Quarter are situated on one side, and the Old and New Towns and the Jewish Quarter on the other. In Prague it is very easy to get around on foot or by using public transport. Walking is a very enjoyable way to see Prague, but with its steep hills, cobbled streets and tramlines you must wear comfortable shoes. But to feel and enjoy the real Prague be prepared to abandon your sightseeing itinerary … for a moment put away your map and wander off the beaten track; explore narrow side streets and courtyards, where Prague is often at its most charming and beautiful. There’s something new and interesting around every corner.


Best thing to do!

Charles Bridge – most visited romantic landmark in Prague.

Prague Castle – visit the world’s biggest castle as well as the marvellous St Vitus Cathedral. Do not forget the picturesque houses at Golden Lane.

Prague pubs – sample the world’s best beer in Prague’s historical district of Lesser Town.


The city, once home to Dvorak and Franz Kafka, boasts hundreds of concert halls, museums, galleries, movie theatres and music clubs, including the gorgeous National Theatre, Estates Theatre and State Opera. Prague’s compact centre makes discovering this magical city’s charms a breeze year-round, even through cold winters or the often rainy days of summer.


Tip: Prague Information Service Tel: 12 444 (English and German, from overseas dial +420-12-4444). You can get up-to-date information about attractions, cultural events, public transport, shopping, phone numbers etc. Mon-Fri, 09.00 until 18.00. Local call rates apply.

Prague Superlatives

• The oldest meteorological observatory: Klementinum (meteorological observations since 1752) • The oldest preserved fountain: the singing fountain (1568) in the Royal Garden • The oldest rotunda: St. Martin’s in Vyšehrad (11th century) • The oldest bridge: Charles Bridge (1357) • The oldest railway station: Masaryk (1845) • The oldest …

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The 1989 Velvet Revolution

During the afternoon of the 17th November 1989, 30000 students assembled in the New Town of Prague to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Nazi suppression of student demonstrations, that had resulted in the shutting of Czech universities up until the conclusion of World War Two. The demonstration in 1989—which …

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Prague Card

See more and save more with Prague Card (TM). The Prague Card gives you FREE ADMISSION to over 50 top Prague attractions, DISCOUNTS and GUIDEBOOK with all you need to know. • Over 30 additional discounted entries • Exlusive offers for tours, cruises, shops & entertainment • Free guidebook with …

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The Czech Republic Attracts Tourists from the East

The Czech Republic is an attractive destination not only to Russians, but also to tourists from countries such as the Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia; tourists from these countries perceive the Czech Republic most of all as a country suitable for sightseeing tourism. An above-average interest in visiting the Czech …

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Architectural styles in Prague

The Spires And Domes Of Prague The spires and domes of Prague’s churches are the major land-marks of the city, as views from the numerous vantage points verify. You’ll witness various towers, domes and spires: Neo-Gothic (the churches of St Paul and St Peter) and Gothic (the church of ‘Our …

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CzechTourism offices abroad

Czech Tourism supports incoming/domestic tourism in the travel industry. spas, golf and congress/incentive tourism. This includes historical. adventure and active lours. holiday tourism as well as on research, monitoring of current trends in tourism.   Czech Tourism (Prague) Vinohradská 46, P.O.Box 32. 120 41 Praha 2, Czech Republic, Phone: +420 …

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Tipping in Prague

Tipping in bars, restaurants, taxis, hairdressers and beauty and massage parlors is customary. When leaving a tip you can give the server the bill’s exact amount and say either to je dobrý or v pořádku (that’s fine). You may also leave the tip on the table. It is usual in …

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Czech Famous Personalities

This is a short list of famous Czech personalities. This list includes people of the Czech nationality as well as people having some significant Czech ancestry or association with Czech culture.   Aostalli de Sala Ulrico (1525-1597) — Renaissance builder and architect of Prague Castle. Appollinaire Guillaume (1880-1918) — poet; …

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Prague Celtic history

At the southern periphery of Prague is a territory which could have been, instead of Prague Castle, the centre of our capital city, and so of the Czech country. At both the banks of Brezansky potok there once was an extensive Celtic oppidum, which is introduced to you by the …

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Cubist Villas

Czech Cubism was an avant-garde art movement of Czech proponents of Cubism, active mostly in Prague from 1910 to 1914. The most famous peace of Cubist architecture in Prague is no doubt the House of Black Madonna in Celetna, but there are more interesting villas to be found. It’s worth …

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