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Prague’s religious structures emphatically document the city’s evolving styles of architecture and lots of them are packed full of religious art. However, they also mirror Prague’s periods of political and religious upheaval, its’ people’s lives, its’ obstacles and the expansion of the city. For orientation, keep in mind that churches usually have their main façades to the west and the choir to the east.

The Czech Republic is mostly a Catholic country and churches and cathedrals can be seen on almost every corner. From St. Vitus Cathedral to the St. Nicholas Church, this is truly a ‘city of a thousand spires’. If you wish to attend English Mass, check our article about religious services.

Tip: Concerts in Prague’s Churches

Recommended churches to visit in Prague:

St. Nicholas Church located at Malostranske Square. The baroque interior is finely decorated with statues, paintings, and frescoes by leading artists of the day. The dome was completed in 1751, shortly before Kilian Ignaz died. Over the baroque organ is a fresco of St. Cecilia, patron saint of music. The organs were played by Mozart in 1787. The belfry was the last part to be built, constructed by Anselmo Lurago between 1751 and 1756. It is rightfully the most visited church in Prague.  

St. Vitus Cathedral located at the Prague Castle complex. St. Vitus is visible from far and wide. The St. Wenceslas Chapel is decorated with frescoes and semi-precious stones. A door in the south-western corner of the chapel leads to the Crown Chamber in which the Bohemian Coronation Jewels are stored.  

Strahov Monastery. Rebuilt in Gothic style, with later baroque additions. As well as visiting the church you have to also visit the famous Strahov Library, comprising one of the oldest monastic collections in the country. Located in the theological and philosophical halls, it is over 800 years old and it still holds over 16,000 books.  

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn. The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn dominates one side of the Old Town Square. A great-looking Gothic church with a baroque interior, the building can be seen from all over Prague.  

Loreta. Important pilgrimage site, built to promote the legend of Santa Casa. A copy of the house, believed to be the Virgin Mary’s, can be seen, complete with original fresco pieces.  

St. George’s Basilica at Prague Castle. The best preserved Romanesque church in Prague, and the oldest church building in the Prague Castle complex.  

Church of St Gilles. Situated in the heart of the Old Town, it is a large church with beautifully crafted high ceilings and ornate decorations.

St. Ludmila Church

Built between 1888 and 1893, its two massive twin towers dominate the architecture.  While the exterior of this Gothic style church is beautiful, the inside can literally take your breath away.  The walls are covered in vivid reds, teals and other decorations.  This church overlooks Peace Square and is located …

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Church of Our Lady beneath the Chain

This church, the oldest in the Little Quarter, was founded in the 1100s. Its name refers to the chain used in the Middle Ages to close the monastery gatehouse. A Gothic presbytery was added in the 13th century and two massive square towers dominating the surrounding area since then. In …

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Church of St Castullus

Church of St Castullus (also known  as Church of Saint Castulus) is one of the finest Gothic buildings in Prague. The church was built in the late 1300s as a small Romanic church. It burned down on 21 June 1689, as both the Old and the New towns were struck …

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Church of St Simon and St Jude

The Bohemia Brethren built this church with high Late Gothic windows in 1615-20, and in the middle of 18th century it was redecorated in late Baroque style together with the buildings of the convent and hospital to which the Church originally belonged. The hospital, at the end of the 1770s …

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Church of the Holy Ghost

This Baroque church was built in the mid-14th century for Benedictine’s convent. Later this church was destroyed in Husite Wars and not long after damaged by fire in the 1689. The exterior of this church, rebuilt after fire, preserves the original Gothic buttresses and high windows, but the vault of …

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St. Nicholas Church (Old Town Square)

Though less popular then the Church of St. Nicholas from the Lesser Town, The Church of St. Nicholas in the Old Town Square deserves its place among Prague’s most appreciated and visited places. Historical sources mention this place of worship as early as 1273, originally as a parish church, where …

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Church of Our Lady of the Snow

Founded in 1347 by Charles IV, Church Our Lady of the Snows was supposed to be the second largest religious monument, right after the St Vitus Cathedral but because of Hussite war it was never completed on that scale. In 1603 the completed choir was restored to the Franciscans and …

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Church of St. Thomas

To the north of the square is Letenská Street where you will see the Church of St. Thomas. This beautiful ancient church with a monastery has been standing in Lesser Town for almost 800 years. The church was established for the Order of the Augustinian hermits by King Wenceslas II. …

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Our Lady Victorious At White Mountain’s Church

Following the White Mountain Battle of 1622 to 1624, unidentified builders erected a chapel on a plain that was close-by as a tribute to those who died in the battle. Initially devoted to St Wenceslaus and, afterwards, made sacred to Our Lady, the fallen’s unearthed bones were put here. The …

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